Charging the phone is the biggest problem for the people and many people are facing this problem in day to day life. The problem in the chargers is that the people need to plug it into the power sources for charging the device.  Many inventors used the solar and the wind energy for manufacturing the electricity but it will take time and it will need the help of the natural resources.

Using the natural resources is a good thing in which if the natural resources favors our side. In many cases, there will be no wind and sunlight in this situation we cannot able to manufacture the electricity in a proper way. Enter Kraftwerk is the handheld generator which is based on the fuel will generate the electricity is trending in the market.  It is the portable device which will produce the electricity with the help of the heat which is produced within the hands when holding the handheld generator.

The functioning of the device is that load the device with the lighter gas like the butane or the camping gas and allow the charge to plug-in to the USB port through which it will charge in an easier way. It is not like the other electrical device because it will not have the buttons and it is simple and even the illiterate can able to use this type of the handheld devices without knowing anything about the devices. It does not have cartridge inside it hence it does not need any fuel to run the device, the device will operate on the resource which is readily available in the world.

Once the charge is full then you can able to charge the electronic gadgets with it. It will have the ability to charge the 11 iPhones. This will make the people who are fond of travelling to buy this type of handheld devices; they can able to charge their devices whenever they want in the emergency situation.  This device is protected under 27 patent applications and it will be very useful or the people who love to travel a lot. The advanced features of the Kraftwerk are promising and the people will enjoy this device.

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